3 Generations of Value, Tradition, & Quality Craftsmanship

Our company's founder, Doyle Heckaman, started his fiberglass career in 1959. In 1972 he opened his own fiberglass company. Over the years, Doyle made just about everything possible out of fiberglass such as steeples, fan housings, running boards, van tops, and of course, boats. He took his ideas and concepts and designed, developed and tooled hulls which he sold to major boat brands and was very successful. In 1989 he developed a new hull idea. He built the concept hull and after testing it he proclaimed, “It was the smoothest and most stable ride he had ever experienced”. It was there and then he decided this one he would retain for his own and the “Revolutionary Catamaran” hull was born; a new page in history was written. Along with his engineering team thru vigorous efforts, the hull was perfected. The boat did not require two engines and performed magnificently. This design significantly lowered the cost associated with owning a luxury boat of this class. He and his team were in the height of splendor and this was when Splendor Boats was officially born.

Splendor's exclusive catamaran hull is the unique driving force behind what makes our boats so special. The hull design compacts air and water as they travel through the inside of the boat's tunnel. The result is water and air pushing up on the hull at takeoff, thus forcing the craft up on plane very quickly with minimal bow rise. The constant flow of air through the tunnel is one of the attributes that allows our boats to eliminate the pounding other boats experience in rough waters. Dividing the hull into a catamaran allows the boat to cut through chop, and thanks to years of improving our design, turns are tight and smooth with very little power loss. Our revolutionary catamaran hull drafts just 12" of water, providing a much shallower hull draft along with minimal bow rise, it is far better and much safer than ordinary vee bottom boats.

For 30 years Splendor has grown and prospered. Innovation, quality improvements and a personable, family-centered business environment and attitude have propelled Splendor Boats to the top of our industry. Their proprietary products have achieved the highest of marks on industry tests, received rave reviews from the experts, and enjoyed exceptional customer satisfaction over the years.

As of 2007, the company is now in the hands of its 3rd generation of Heckamans, Doyle's three grandchildren: Adam Heckaman, Andrew Heckaman, and Amy (Heckaman) Parker. They continue their family's legacy as they work side by side with their employees each day so that we can continually provide better, more innovative products and services to our customers.

Splendor Boats has built the highest quality, handcrafted Catamaran Deck Boats for 30 years and now starts another chapter in their prestigious history. The boats are being introduced to the nation-wide dealer network. We are partnering with an experienced team of sales professionals to help write the latest chapter in the proud heritage and tradition that is Splendor Boats.