About Us

Splendor Boat Sunstar Series

Splendor Boats is a small, family-owned boat company striving to fulfill specialty niches and create innovative fiberglass products. A strong and enduring company, Splendor Boats is now in its third generation of family ownership.  The current owners have invested years of work in the company prior to taking over the commanding rolls, and each brings a vastly diverse area of expertise, collaborating new and exciting possibilities to a company with a past full of unique and innovative products.

Splendor’s fiberglass shop is very diversified, with a variety of clients in the marine, agriculture and automotive industries.  The diversity keeps the shop active as sales in the marine industry fluctuate throughout the various seasons.  Another of Splendor’s strengths is its ability to remain factory-direct, this allows Splendor to keep costs down and focus on high quality products and direct customer service.